Perfect Outdoor Halloween Decorations for a Spooky Yard

Perfect Outdoor Halloween Decorations for a Spooky Yard

Ah, Halloween: It’s the one time of the year when your goal is to make your home as imposing as possible. Although you might already have your costume planned, it’s officially time to start thinking about your yard.

Although you could just carve up a few jack-o’-lanterns and prop up a hay bale or two—and, to be clear, you totally should—there are so many outdoor Halloween decorations out there just waiting to spook, startle, and delight trick-or-treaters and neighbors alike.

Whether you’re going for a nostalgic, classic take on All Hallows Eve, you’re trying to be so terrifying that first responders show up, or you’ve got your heart set on a perfect balance of cute and creepy, there’s a decoration (or 10) for your outdoor spook fest.

We have great news: We’ve already sorted through all the tricks and treats on the internet, narrowing it down to the best outdoor Halloween decorations for your yard, door, and house. And better yet, plenty of them are budget-friendly, too. As you gear up for October 31, just make sure you buy your must-haves quickly—there’s no guarantee they’ll be available for much longer! Remember: More is more. Happy Halloween!

1. Light-Up Ghost and Pumpkin

There’s something so nostalgic about Halloween, and this blow mold ghost perfectly conjures up childhood memories of trick-or-treating, dressing up, and decorating with your loved ones. (It’s also way cheaper than actual vintage ones.)

2. Pose n' Stay Skeleton

You can’t go wrong with a classic skeleton! Pose this guy on your porch, in your yard, or at a window, preferably in a fun pose or costume.

3. Pre-Lit Spooky Tree

Spooky without being outright terrifying, this Tim Burton-esque willow adds a sense of atmosphere to your Halloween lawn decor, creating an immersive environment that’ll delight visitors of all ages.

4. Rusty Metal Halloween Pumpkins

If you’re after subtlety this spooky season, we suggest this ever-popular four-pack of jack-o’-lanterns. Bonus points if you illuminate each from behind!

5. Grim Animatronic

Remember that posable skeleton? This is the animatronic version—and it more than delivers on looks and movement. Plus, its glowing eyes are actually kind of charming.

6. Holding Hands Witches

Is there such a thing as spooky minimalism? Well, these witches make a great case for it. Reviewers recommend buying multiple packs for an even spookier effect!

7. Halloween Doorbell

If you’re seeing this, you need this eerie doorbell, which is sure to delight kids and adults alike. As soon as you press the button, its eye opens up and peers at you—it’s so much fun.

8.Lighted Hanging Witch Hats

Lighting can make or break a Halloween yard display. That’s why we’re such big fans of these lights, along with the rest of Amazon—they’re festive, cheeky, and easy to store, on top of matching with basically any other outdoor decorations.

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