8 Classic Halloween Characters that Never Fail

8 Classic Halloween Characters that Never Fail

8 Classic Halloween Characters that Never Fail — Perfect for the last-minute party-goers

The spooky season is finally upon us! And though you may be stressed about finding a costume just right for you, fret not because we will help you with all of your inspiration, from the classics to the latest movies. Besides, costumes are only a small part of halloween. The spooky season is about a state of mind, and it has much more to offer. So while you get inspired to prep and DIY your costume for the big day, make sure to enjoy the season's best scary movies and all the halloween treats the season has to offer.

As for picking the right look, most of the Halloween costume ideas tend to come from specific movies, characters, or celebrities. And though dressing up like you're in the cast of Mean Girls, Game of Thrones, or even Ghostbusters can give you some incredible moments and improv abilities, not every halloween costume needs to be that specific. In fact, we've gathered a list of 8 ideas that are halloween classics, all timeless and memorable in their own way. From a full neon 80s look to a devious witch, this list has got you covered with evergreen outfits for the spooky day.

1.Hippie Costume

This is the perfect costume if you need a last-minute outfit or if you don't want to spend money buying more clothes for your look. From bell-bottoms, headbands, tie-dye shirts, or just over-accessorizing with peace signs, a 70s look can look like just about anything. Take a look in your closet, and we're sure you'll make it work.

2.Nerd Costume

From titles like "school girl" or "nerd," the preppiest of students is a great classic halloween costume to try. To make up this look, you can either buy a set online or go through your closet to find items like glasses, button-ups, and bow-ties. Easy and cute: What else could you ask for?

3.Princess Costume

Whether it's cinderella, princess Tiana, or anyone in between, everyone has their favorite princess. Though this is every little girl's dream come true, princess costumes are timeless for every age.

4.Witch Costume

Though the costumes of this and the vampire might look similar, witches and vampires are miles apart. For your classic witch costume, you could either imitate some of your favorite witches (like the trio in Hocus Pocus or Elphaba from Wicked) or create your own look and accessorize with a broom, voodoo dolls, or even a cauldron. Don't forget the hat!

5.Superhero Costume

There is perhaps no better inspiration for Halloween costumes than superheroes. From Wonder Woman and Superman to Iron Man and Loki, superhero costumes can be easy to make and will always be a showstopper at the party.

6.Pirate Costume

Dressing up as a pirate for halloween will not only make you look cool, but you'll feel cool too–perhaps you'll even get an attitude or accent overnight. Pirate costumes are great for a group too, either all as a crew of pirates aboard a ship or like this adorable homage to Peter Pan!

7.Vampire Costume

If you're a fan of the spookier side of Halloween, then vampire costumes are a great classic option for you. As long as you have some red and black incorporated into your look, some small accessories like fake blood or fake fangs will pull the look together.

8.80s Costume

Another signature era for a halloween fit is the 80s. Think poofy hair and neon everything and you'll rock this look.

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